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At Golden State Elevator Service, Inc., we do service, repair and modernization on elevators.


We're able to install and repair elevators in your business, making sure safety is always a priority.

Golden State Elevator

Vertical Lifts

From repairs to modernization, we're the company to call for all of your elevator needs.


Not every elevator needs the same level of maintenance and service. This is why we offer a wide range of service packages.


From preventative maintenance to all-inclusive support with no additional fees on repairs, you'll get a fair price.

Services packages that fit you

Elevator Services

Although antique elevators are historically and aesthetically beautiful, it's important that they meet ADA standards.


We'll update your antique or outdated elevator, and make sure it's safe to use, while keeping the appearance the same.

Ensure your elevator is updated

Elevator Modernization

Golden State Elevator Service, Inc. is proud to have served Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas since 1966.

Keep your elevator in working order

Our technicians provide superior service, repair and preventative maintenance to keep your elevators in proper working order. Most Elevator parts in stock.

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