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Elevator repairs

Does your elevator need more than just simple updating? We're able to repair a full range of elevator problems, from code work to hydraulic valve repairs.

We'll make sure your antique elevator is up to code!


Is your elevator outdated?

Golden State Elevator Service, Inc., in Van Nuys, CA is able to modernize antique or outdated elevators for customers in the Los Angeles area, San Fernando Valley and the surrounding areas. We maintain the historical aesthetic of antique elevators whenever possible.


Or, if you prefer the look of your elevator to be modernized as well, we can recommend someone to remodel the interior of your elevator cars.

ADA standards

New to Golden State Elevator Service, Inc.? We provide references upon request, so you can hear from some of our satisfied customers.

With years of experience, we're extremely familiar with the current ADA standards. We'll help bring your antique or outdated elevator up to the standards that are expected of elevators today.

Our modernization services

At Golden State Elevator Service, Inc., we are able to perform electrical upgrades and hydraulic upgrades on any of your antique or outdated elevators. We can update the technology, but keep the historical aesthetic.